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Cantiere del Pardo is thrilled to share with the public the first official shots of the brand-new Grand Soleil 72, flagship of the Grand Soleil fleet. The photoshoot took place in Capri, in front of the world-renowned Amalfi Coast, recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site with plunging sheer cliffs and the Sorrento rocky coastline.

The new flagship of the Grand Soleil fleet was presented as World Première at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022, getting great interest from international clients and the press. The incredible success of our latest model of the shipyard does not stop here: at the Genoa Boat Show 2022, the Grand Soleil 72 won the Design Innovation Award in the sailboat category above 10 meters in length.

The Shipyard’s craftsmanship and experience gained over the last 50 years are not only limited to developing excellent aesthetic lines but also to care about technical details of all those areas where the eye does not normally reach. The composite bulkheads in the interior are weighed one by one while defining the thickness of each ad hoc to optimize strength, lightness and performance.

Matteo Polli designed the Grand Soleil 72 hull lines, featuring a prominent V-shaped bow. The significant dynamic length, thanks to slips and low wetted surface, allows the stern to be eased for reduced friction of the submerged sections when sailing. This translates into higher dynamic speed and stability when the boat is heeled, promising not only better performance in light wind conditions, typical of the Mediterranean area, but also excellent sailing ease and safety. The interiors, dimensions, ergonomics, storage, functions and quality of all accessories are up to super yacht standards. The interiors convey a tasteful, elegant, and welcoming mood.

The goal of this project is to create a boat with true Italian aesthetic: elegant and modern design with high comfort ergonomics for both below deck and outside areas. Every single component of Grand Soleil 72 project reveals great attention to detail and unprecedented meticulousness.


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